Dignity For All Students Act


The Dignity for All Students Act amends Education Law to put in place procedures for the creation of school environments free from discrimination and harassment.  The law is effective July 1, 2012. (See Policy 3420)


Reports and Investigations of Bullying, Discrimination and/or Harassment


The District will investigate all complaints of bullying, discrimination and/or harassment, either formal or informal, and take prompt corrective measures as necessary.  Complaints will be investigated in accordance with applicable policies and regulations.  If, after an appropriate investigation, the District finds that this policy has been violated, corrective action will be taken in accordance with District policies and regulations, the Code of Conduct, and all appropriate federal or state laws.


The Dignity Complaint Form is located below as well as the Onondaga Central School District Code of Conduct.


Dignity Act Coordinators


The following individuals have been appointed by the Onondaga Central School District Board of Education as Dignity Act Coordinators.  Please refer complaints or questions to their attention.


District    Rob Price, Superintendent      552-5000         rprice@ocs.cnyric.org

Jr./Sr. High School    Tim Mumford, Principal            552-5020         tmumford@ocs.cnyric.org

Rockwell School        Margaret Hart, Principal           552-5070         mhart@ocs.cnyric.org




Wheeler School        Timothy Cowin, Principal          552-5050         tjcowin@ocs.cnyric.org




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