Board Governance Mission: 

Our School Board, as the governing body of the Onondaga Central School District,

Serves as the steward and guardian of the Onondaga School District’s values, vision and mission;

Plays a leading, proactive role in establishing the Onondaga Central School District’s strategic directions and priorities for all of the district’s educational program and administrative units;

Monitors the Onondaga Central School District’s educational, administrative, and financial performance against clearly defined performance goals and objectives;

Ensures that our district’s image and relationships with stakeholders are positive and that they contribute to the Onondaga Central School District’s educational and administrative effectiveness;

Makes sure that our district possesses the human financial and other resources necessary to realize its educational vision and fully carry out its educational mission;

Encourages the election (or appointment) of new Board of Education members who possess the attributes and qualifications required for strong governance and whose appointment will promote diversity in Board of Education composition;

Pays close attention to maintaining a positive and productive Board of Education and Superintendent working partnership;

Ensures that all Board of Education members are fully engaged in the governance process and that the resources they bring to the board are fully utilized in governing;

Systematically develops the governing skills of Board of Education members;

Promotes active teamwork on the Board of Education;

The Board of Education will take accountability for its own performance as a governing body by setting clear Board of Education performance targets and regularly monitoring their performance.

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