What a proud tradition Onondaga Central School District has established.  Whether it is the physician, nurse, entrepreneur, accountant, lawyer, pharmacist, farmer, educator, musician, athlete, secretary, custodian or bus driver, Onondaga Central has been a positive force generation after generation of graduates.


Some elect to stay right here in the community they grew up in.  Others elect to move to different parts of the state and/or country.  Regardless of where our students settle, this will always be home.  Wherever you encounter an Onondaga graduate, the pride becomes quite evident.


This is not by chance.  A caring community, dedicated teachers, administration and support staff make dreams become realities.  Hard work by all involved adds to the support system students have at home.


Onondaga Central School District offers our children a rewarding and educationally sound program.  Our staff is trained to implement strategies to meet the diversity of our students.  We want our students to reach their highest level of achievement.  This takes a commitment from our staff, families and community at large.  We want our students to be contributing members of society.


Each year brings challenges and opportunities.  It is our responsibility to transform challenges into opportunities.  To have all our students achieve their personal goals is also the goal of Onondaga Central School District.  It is our opportunity to challenge our students to be creative, think outside of the box and be successful.


I am truly inspired by the Onondaga Central School community and community at large for its commitment to education, safety and being advocates for excellence for our students.


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